Research and Innovation
Research and Innovation are the fundamental building blocks of VPlanSolutions.

Over years we have extensively researched different types of systems and have created innovative tools and techniques to manage different levels of complexities within the same.

We have also designed innovative products and services for different industries like Software, Automobile, Alternative Energy , Media etc.

Patterns in Business
Patterns in business (PIB) are a set of sucessful and repetitive trends and patterns using which most of the businesses are designed to function.

PIBs can be used for designing new product and services for businesses in a scientific manner.

PIBs can also be used to find out latent business opportunities in existing businesses and new business domains in a predictable manner.

Consulting Services
Technology Consulting Service
  • Domain Modeling Services
  • Requirements Engineering Services
  • Analysis and Design Services
  • Requirements and Design Validation Services
Management Consulting Services
  • Enterprise Modeling Service
  • Product/Process Innovation Service
  • New Business Development Service

Trainings and Workshops
Technical Trainings
  • Designing Workshop
  • Requirements Engineering Workshop
  • Architect Development Program
  • Software Design Patterns
  • Software Architectures
Management Trainings
  • Patterns in Business
  • Patterns Based Innovation Workshop
  • Systemic Thinking
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